The History Project

Ty_logoIt is not the purpose of the Friends of Towneley Park history project to discover a lost history of Towneley Park because a large amount of historical research has already gone into putting together a successful Heritage Lottery Bid prior to 2005. Rather it is to make the available history more accessible to the casual visitor, for as the Lottery Bid stated in February 2005  –

“There is no interpretive material for the Park beyond the Hall itself, apart from one remaining Forest of Burnley panel in Thanet Lee Wood. The vast wealth of historical information on the development of the Park is under-utilized.”

What the Friends group will do is identify what makes Towneley special and produce a leaflet highlighting these things to accompany an historical trail around the Park. By understanding the changes that have occurred during the 20th century, after Towneley became a public park, the Friends will also understand what is necessary for Towneley to continue to maintain its special identity in the future.

As it develops, the project blog will collect a list of blog posts recording the background stories, development ideas, research process and progress towards a successful outcome through the shared knowledge and experience of the contributors.

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