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The purpose of the history group is to produce a leaflet about the history of Towneley Park and to establish an historical trail for its visitors.

The April History Workshop

A View of Towneley Hall by George Barret (1728 - 1784)The History Group workshop on Saturday April 13th looked at what makes Towneley special. The group listened to Sarah Law’s experiences of researching the Park’s 18th century history and how it is possible to see physical evidence in the Park today of the changes from that period.

Maureen Frankland described how much she was enjoying finding out more about changes that have taken place at Towneley in the 20th century. She emphasized that what was most important about the project was the involvement of the community and the sharing of knowledge about Towneley Park.

The project’s main deliverable is still a history leaflet but the workshop was also introduced to the topic of geo-caching and how this recreational activity could be another way of enhancing the visitor’s experience of Towneley. Find out more about geocaching on National Trust land at .

Hopefully there will be more about geocaching at Towneley in this blog in coming months.

The History of Towneley Park starts here

Ty_logoThe Friends of Towneley Park held the first preliminary meeting of their History Group in the Lecture Theatre at Towneley Hall today. It was well attended despite the snowy conditions. If you missed out because of the snow you can still take part by contacting the group through their website at

Topics suggested for research included the golf course,the walled garden now the home of Offshoots and the old greyhound stadium and Towneley School site. One particular suggestion was the history of the Smallholdings.  The Smallholdings in the 1940s have best been described by the writer Jessica Lofthouse as  “A dismal mile of hen-pens, empty hen-cabins and grey box houses ” but it was home to around twenty families from around 1910 until the 1970s.

The next public activity will be the main launch event on Saturday April 13th 1.30 – 4.30pm at Towneley Hall but in meanwhile you will be able to follow a regular blow by blow account of the group’s progress via this blog.